Hi there, i'm Kris!

I am so glad to meet you (virtually) and I can’t wait to meet you in person! If there is one thing you need to know about me, it is that I care. I care that you are here to learn more about me, and I your needs matter! I care that you have the best experience in every interaction with me. It's important that you and I have a fun time, whether we’re on the beach taking photos with your family or playing in my studio. I also care that no matter the moment we are documenting, the images that we make together will be so full of your life and love, that you will cherish them for years to come. 
It is through this care that I came to photography. When I was just a kid, I asked for my first camera because I wanted to document my family, friends... everything about my life, so I could remember it all. I let my care and my love of photography guide my path in life, from my education to my career, and even my relationships. As you can see, photography is my life.

When you work with me, you are benefiting from my 10+ years as a professional photographer, my Master's in Fine Art Photography, and my experience working with hundreds of clients. But nothing is more important than you having a fun and wonderful experience while I document your most important memories. You may be wondering how I can deliver a great experience. You can read more about what to expect when you work with me on my portrait and boudoir pages.
But in short: I care and I listen.

My style in life, love, and most importantly, my photography, is timeless and elegant with a dash of adventure. I would love to connect with you and talk about your next big adventure. Let’s see what we can dream up together.


Behind every great photographer is a great assistant. While I am capturing your special moments, Ben may be holding the reflector, fanning your hair, or tossing your dress train and running out of the shot (trade secret for those windblown looks!). But he is more than just a handsome face and a strong pair of arms. With his unwavering support, I was able to leave my 9-5 to pursue my passion and start our business. It may be my name on the logo, but Ben is my business partner, my husband, and the other half of my heart. 

Ben, Husband & Lead Photographic Assistant




My outstanding team also includes three rescued cats. They are always there to lend a helping paw, an opinionated meow, or an approving look. When photographing in the studio, they are sure to steal the show, and sometimes the props. Kris Kelley Photography is a proud supporter of many local initiatives including Catadelphia and the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, without whom we would not have this cat-tastic team. 


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Where you can find me when im not photographing:

How I Met Your Mother!

Say Yes to the Dress

Cork, Ireland

(As Robin Sherbotsky would say) I love a good whiskey that’s old enough to order its own whiskey, and my go-to drink is a Rye and Ginger. 

New Milford, CT, but the Eastern Shore of Maryland is where I spent my teens and early twenties, and Philly has been my hometown for 6 years! 

13! (my first professional gig was a friend’s wedding in 2007)

On a new adventure, whether that is a hike with my husband in a new place, a bar in a small town of a foreign country, or an art show at a pop-up gallery. 

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Our Honeymoon 
(And All the Whiskey in Ireland)

I have always had a sense of adventure, and really, isn’t life one big adventure? I crave new experiences, and I am so grateful to have a career that allows me to travel to new places and take on new challenges. Alongside me on every adventure is the best compadre I could ever ask for: my husband, Ben. When we aren’t out touring every whiskey distillery in Ireland, we love to hang at home and watch Bon Appetite or host costume parties with our friends. We also travel to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and New York City regularly to spend time with our families. And you can bet that no matter where we go and no matter what we do, I have my camera!

Yeah, that's me...
I'm THAT photographer!