Alexa + Austin I Engaged

March 8, 2022

If you know me, you know that I am a plant mom and obsessed with all things green! So when Alexa and Austin reached out to schedule an engagement session at The Herbary at Bear Creek Farm, I was ecstatic! We had a gorgeous (if cold) day and a mini adventure to find our second location. I was so excited about the beautiful photos we made that I ran home and edited them immediately. You have to see the CRAZY thing they did at the end of their session! 

Alex and Austin were friends for years before dating. This friendship is perhaps why they describe themselves as best friends today. After working together as bartenders, they decided to date, and the rest, as they say, is history! After nearly four years together, in October of 2021, Austin proposed in front of the Cinderella Castle at Disney World. As a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, it was the proposal of Alexa’s dreams! Together they share a cat and two adorable Frenchies, one of whom went viral on TikTok

While they haven’t yet set a wedding date, they wanted engagement portraits to showcase at their upcoming engagement celebration. We started in the greenhouse surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous plants. In a more casual outfit, Austin gave Alexa piggyback rides and told jokes, which really reflected how playful they are with one another. The shop at The Herbary had such gorgeous displays and window light that we had to get some shots inside! I found a flowering tree that created the perfect halo of buds, accented by the wooden beams of the shop. Although the pups couldn’t make it to our session, we found plenty of dog-inspired touches at The Herbary that added the perfect whimsy. 

Despite the cold temps and wind (common for New Jersey in early March), Alexa donned an emerald backless gown for her second outfit. After warming up again in the Greenhouse, we wandered the grounds of the Herbary which featured gorgeous hedges, a beautiful gazebo, and goats! We found a heart-shaped boxwood that we thought would be an adorable frame for our last photos in the shop. 

For their second location, Alexa and Austin really wanted to be near the water. Sadly, the creek where we had planned to shoot was nearly dry and would not provide the look we wanted. After driving around for a bit, we found Cascade Lake, which was surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife. We took a few sweet portraits on a blanket near the water before they did something CRAZY! For the last few shots of our session, Austin and Alexa STOOD in the freezing cold lake! Despite the cold temps, they made it look like summer, as Austin dipped Alexa back for a final kiss. Seconds later than RAN out of the water and to the cars where we warmed up and said our goodbyes. 

These two were the sweetest couple, and I can’t wait to see where their love story takes them! Enjoy their engagement portraits!!

Before you go, please sign The Herbary’s petition to allow them to continue to host beautiful events and photo sessions like the one we had. Every signature counts!

Makeup by Nikole Witak


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